Friday, November 14, 2008

Tout Sauf Ségo Gets Going?

Hamon, Aubry, and Delanoë are meeting in Paris today. Sure looks a lot like a Tout Sauf Ségo cabal, though of course nobody's saying so, least of all Delanoë, who protests that he is "in a constructive state of mind, clarity and coherence are what's needed." Right--clarity and coherence: that's why Delanoë, who made a splash earlier this year by asserting that socialism and liberalism are so compatible that they're practically the same thing, is sitting down with Hamon, who we can be fairly confident disagrees. "I only talk about substance, I only discuss ideas with everybody," says the mayor of Paris. "I am the only one who makes no claim for power, who asks for nothing for myself." Such charitable sentiments will no doubt help him to pass through the eye of the needle on the way to his eternal reward, but they won't get him the party leadership.

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