Monday, November 17, 2008


Delanoë throws his support to Aubry.

Dernière minute, lundi 17 novembre 2008

Direction du Parti socialiste : Bertrand Delanoë appelle à voter Martine Aubry

Le maire PS de Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, a finalement appelé à voter pour Martine Aubry lors du vote interne des socialistes jeudi 20 novembre pour le poste de premier secrétaire, dans une lettre aux militants rendue publique lundi. (AFP)


Anonymous said...

Delanoë is demonstrating is complete lack of political flair.

If he wanted to play TSS, he should have done it during the Congrès. It was easy, the party machine would have followed, and the conjurors would have escaped the greatest risk :the vote of the militants.

Now, it's up to the militants and Delanoë is in a no-win situation.
If Aubry takes over the PS, he will look as the opportunist and the one who stabbed Segolene in the back..
So that puts an end to any hopes of being designated as the Socialist candidate for 2012. Segolene friends would never vote for him..

If Segolene wins, she will make him pay dearly for that last minute decision and that will be the end of Delanoë in Paris.

The question now is : why did he choose Aubry, as on every political aspect he seemed to be closer to Ségolène ?

It must be more personal than political..

Unknown said...

unfortunately, it is usually personal. He owes his career to Jospin.

Unknown said...

And Jospin, like many other éléphants, despises Ségolène. Can you enlighten us about this, Bernard? You seem to have a handle on the state of mind of party insiders. What is the source of the animosity? Personality clash? Judgment of incompetence? Jealousy? Past slights? Misogyny? As I've said before, the depth of feeling seems to me to go beyond mere political difference. What accounts for it?

Unknown said...

"La cour d'appel de Douai (Nord) a infirmé lundi l'annulation du mariage d'un couple prononcée en première instance au motif que l'épouse avait menti sur sa virginité".

No, this is not a comment on the latest Aubry-Delanoe developments, though I was tempted.

But this is going to make a hell of a lot of noise and I can think of two protagonists who must be seriously unhappy that politicians decided to comment on their private problems without of course the first idea of what the problems actually were (cf. Maitre EOLAS)...