Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Where Jobs Are Being Lost

A useful map of layoffs, plant closings, and workforce reductions here.


Unknown said...

Too many years ago in the seventies, when I was a student, I visited one of my assistant professors at his office in the ministry of finance at Le Louvre. His real job was being in charge of the government office in charge of industrial restructuring - the hospital and morgue in simple words. He had a similar map on the wall, with red - they are dead and know it -, orange - they are dead and don't know it yet - and green - I have hopes that reports of their death will prove not to be exaggerated (his words of course). This man then went on to make a short but financially brilliant career running (not quite into the ground though close cigar) a major French bank and pocketed what was at the time the highest golden parachute ever disclosed in France. As is well known in France, the dedication of our top civil servants to the public knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

One major shortfall of this kind of mapping/accounting is that it mostly takes into account job destruction, not creations.