Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Advisors on Stimulus Plan

Le Figaro reports that Sarko is huddling daily with advisors who are helping him to polish the presentation of his stimulus plan, expected on Thursday. Who is advising him? Christine Lagarde, of course, but also Henri Guaino, Raymond Soubie, and François Pérol. Lagarde, the minister of finance, and Guaino, the ubiquitous speechwriter, need no introduction. The latter two names may be less well known. Pérol is a managing partner of the Rothschild Bank who was on Sarkozy's staff when he served as minister of the economy. Soubie, a Sarko advisor, was formerly the head of a human resources consulting firm. Both are énarques. In one of the earliest posts on this blog, I commented on the prevalence of lawyers and relative absence of énarques in Sarkozy's cabinet. The énarques have not disappeared, however, even if many of them are lurking in the background, like Pérol and Soubie, rather than occupying the front-line positions.

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