Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Books by the Seine

Those bouquinistes who sell their wares from bins along the Seine in Paris are in trouble. Buyers of old books have gone on-line (guilty as charged, your honor!), and tourists don't read. But what really caught my eye in this article was the regulation of the Seine-side book trade:

The trade is strictly regulated. Each bouquiniste is allowed four boxes painted dark green: three must contain books, the fourth can sell items such as prints, collectors' postcards, stamps and souvenirs.

How very French! The boxes must be painted dark green! Positively medieval. (h/t Maîtresse).

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Leo said...

They must be painted green indeed. Just as the neon signs in some touristic places (Champs Élysées, Opéra, ...) have to be white.

It sure is a question of taste, but don't those sites look nicer for it?