Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bouvet on PS

Laurent Bouvet has the best analysis I've seen of the "renovation" of the Socialist Party. Bottom line:

"Youth, parity, and diversity" constitute the façade that the PS would like to put forward in the media, but this conceals the reality that the party remains firmly in the hands of elected officials who are veterans of its internecine warfare and political professionals who are reluctant to dilute their power within the party by opening it up to new members from outside their milieu, especially representatives of the private sector. The party's inability to find a voice in which to address le pays réel reflects its own composition, in which le pays réel is scarcely represented.

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Tom Holzman said...

INteresting. What he is saying in effect is that the PS has the same disease as the Radicaux-Socialistes of the 4th Republic: parti des notables based on a local power base. We can see from history how successful that formula was.