Monday, December 1, 2008

Copé Makes Good Copy

Jean-François Copé certainly learned one thing from Nicolas Sarkozy: the importance of keeping one's name in the newspaper all the time if one aspires to become president of the Republic. So today we have him discovering the importance of the "-ities": austerity, "conviviality," diversity. Yes, France needs a stimulus program, but if it's going to spend more here, it needs to save more--well, anyway, some--there. Yes, it's his job to whip the majority into line on the question of Sunday work, but he's going to do it with "conviviality." And diversity: yes, if we need more solidarity, we have to recognize our diversity.

One more "--ity": nullity, which is what this interview would amount to if its chief purpose weren't to keep the name "Copé" in the public eye. And Le Monde is willing to play the game. Sort of reminds me of a TV feuilleton I watched this weekend, Les Reporters, in which a newspaper that bears an awfully strong resemblance to Le Monde is manipulated by an aspiring politician named Michel Barlier. But the fictional Michel Barlier reminds me less of the real Michel Barnier than of his UMP colleague Jean-François Copé.

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