Monday, December 22, 2008

Dray Finds a Defender

Curious. Socialists haven't had much to say about their comrade Julien Dray's brush with the law, but Frédéric Lefebvre, the Elysée spokesman, has denounced the feeding frenzy and reminded his colleagues of the presumption of innocence. He wasn't so quick to the ramparts in defending the presumption of innocence in the case of Villepin and the Clearstream affair, so we may assume some special tenderness toward Julien Dray.

Indeed, Dray, by his own account, was one of those Socialists whom Sarko was calling between rounds of the presidential election to say, "I want you to be with me." Dray resisted the temptation of a ministerial portfolio and became instead a lieutenant of the defeated Ségolène in her (temporarily?) thwarted comeback attempt. Indeed, dark rumor has it that the investigation against him may have been triggered by a leak from opponents within his own party. So we are through the looking glass: enemies are friends, friends are enemies.

Meanwhile, Julien Dray has pronounced himself "serene." Rather like Gov. Blagojevich in Illinois, who quoted Kipling to the effect that it's best to keep one's head when everyone else is losing theirs (figuratively, to be sure). He, too, is serene, but the technology of bugs seems to have defeated the presumption of innocence, at least in Illinois.

Let's see what the authorities have on Dray. It may not be anywhere near as good as the Blago tapes. If so, Dray's serenity may be fully warranted. These things have a way of blowing up and then blowing over in France. Just a reminder from potential extortionists that payback is always an option.

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David in Setouchi said...

if I'm not wrong Frédéric Lefebvre is not the Elysée spokesman but the UMP spokesman.
But, yeah, these days he seems to be confusing both more often than not and speak for the government or for Sarkozy a bit too often.