Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Fables of Lafontaine"

Trudi Kohl ponders the strange amour of Jean-Luc Mélenchon for Oskar Lafontaine. Conclusion:

N’empêche, si le jeanlucmelenchon fonctionne aussi bien pour la gauche française que l’oskarlafontaine marche pour la gauche allemande, les députés de droite peuvent se faire graver des ronds de serviette à la cantine de l’Assemblée nationale : ils y sont pour un sacré bout de temps. Je me demande même si Jean-Luc Mélenchon n’aurait pas mieux fait de s’en tenir à la doctrine Chevènement : “Allemand ? Méfiance.”


Anonymous said...

Arguably it is the unwillingness of the SPD to coalesce with Das Linke that helps the German right.

Unknown said...

But Die Linke and Mélenchon both split off from their respective "social democratic" parties, so who is resisting "coalition"? The fundamental point is that there are on the left people who would prefer to remain "extragovernmental" and therefore pure of compromise, whether with capitalism, centrist allies, or the policies of this world as opposed to those of either utopia or a "post-revolutionary" regime.

Leo said...

This one should be called
"Les animaux malades de la pete"

Anonymous said...

'...there are on the left people who would prefer to remain "extragovernmental"...'

Alas, too true. And I certainly don't follow German politics nearly closely enough to debate them. But surely there is a space between Schroeder's Agenda 2010 and utopia? As far as I know Das Linke has not adopted any Besancenot-style anti-coalition stance (I suspect the Germans are far too practical for such indulgences).

I honestly don't know whether Das Linke are serious enough on a policy and political level to make a SPD/Groen/Linke alliance viable. But so far they seem to have placed some limits to the SPD's rightward shift without actually condemning the country to a right-wing government.

Just call me devil's advocate (perhaps the analogy is too kind to Lafontaine for some!)....

Anonymous said...

speaking of the splintering Left, what are the Radicaux de Gauche up to these days?
I'm losing count - to my mind these are the parties on the Left:
Parti des travailleurs
Radicaux de Gauche
Mouvement des citoyens (chevenementistes)

I'm sure I missed someone (excluding "diverses gauches" and local parties like "Motivé(e)s".

Chris P.