Monday, December 1, 2008

Filippis Affair

After a tart dismissal of the matter by Rachida Dati, who remarked that "all procedures had been followed," President Sarkozy has once again taken things in hand with a more temperate response, as reported by Maître Eolas:

Prenant la parole en fin de journée lundi, le président de la République Nicolas Sarkozy a déclaré qu'il comprenait "l'émoi" suscité par l'interpellation de Vittorio de Filippis et annoncé une mission chargée de réfléchir à "une procédure pénale plus respectueuse des droits et de la dignité des personnes".

Another implicit rebuke for Dati and a response, if not quite an apology, from the head of state: as Eolas remarks, M. de Fillipis's ordeal will have served a useful purpose.

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Unknown said...

Actually, rather than being a sign of the French times, this is a sign of the times. Why should a journalist be treated differently from the thousands who are abused in this manner every year? And why should a French journalist be better treated than Damian Green? And, when the time comes, why should a French minister be better treated than a journalist ? These are some of the questions no minister of justice will feel compelled to ask these days. Mistreatment is the norm in their view: it is an accepted means of coercion. The moment temporary incarceration is allowed, prosecuting judges will systematically use it to instill fear rather than to guard from flight.