Friday, December 19, 2008

Hmmm ...

The brigade financière has conducted a search of Julien Dray's home in connection with an investigation of "suspect" movements of funds involving an association of lycéens and SOS-Racisme. The sums allegedly involved are substantial.

So--yesterday we had Bruno Julliard, only yesterday a student leader, saying that the place of the PS was in the streets alongside the demonstrating students. Not in party chambers attempting to develop a school reform policy better than that proposed by the government, but in the streets alongside students whose program does not seem to extend beyond "no reform," even though they are the first to complain about the status quo. Now we have the suggestion--which may be a manipulated one, to be sure, engineered by a government that has the power to cast suspicion when it will--that the PS was not only accompanying the students but perhaps egging them on, disruption being at this point the party's only road to visibility that doesn't involve its own internal dissension.

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Anonymous said...

In French politics, the courts are a continuation of war by other means.

Chris P.