Thursday, December 11, 2008

Long Hot Winter?

The student riots in Greece have people taking the temperature of "youth" in other countries. The WSJ believes the discontent is not local but general and attributes the restiveness to poor job prospects for graduates. With memories of the 2006 CPE demonstrations still fresh (and recently revived by reports that Sarkozy privately assured Bruno Julliard of his support while publicly backing Villepin, though not very robustly), the French government is undoubtedly among the worriers. The Darcos and Pécresse reforms are enough to stir the pot. Still, I'm skeptical of this "pan-European youth conflagration" theory. On the other hand, I'm over 60, and I remember the days when I believed along with all my equally callow comrades that life ended at 30. So who knows? Any young people out there? Care to weigh in?

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