Monday, December 8, 2008

Peillon: The New PS Can't Spell

According to Vincent Peillon, the new Socialist Party of Martine Aubry is not only guilty of "intellectual regression" and "forgetting education," it can't even spell correctly, "which is unacceptable in a party of government." In addition to these peccadillos, it has all but excluded the Ségolénistes from participating in the running of the party, despite their 50% representation. Ségo herself went on TV to deny that she was refusing "to work." She is ready and willing, she says, and told "Martine" so on three occasions but is still waiting for her call, despite the fact that she "represents fifty percent of the militants."

If "Martine" thought that the Ségo problem was behind her, she'd better guess again, and since the Martine-Ségo fight is of far greater interest to the media than the fine points of the Socialist program to manage the crisis by giving more purchasing power to the workers (yeah, right!), there will effectively be no opposition in France for the next four years unless the crabs in the basket can somehow be tranquilized.


MYOS said...

This situation causes despair. For me at least. Not sure why. Except that I see a democracy as needing several well-functioning parties and here we've got on the one hand a party, UMP, that even wants to create its own center-left opposition so as to attract confused left leaning citizens ("as long as it's under the umbrella of the right, the left can exist", my translation - I'm referring to JMBockel's party, which is supposed to represent the left "chapeauté" by the right, dixit Devedjian and Fillon who led its convention last weekend).
And then we have the PS, which is divided into two big groups, each with roughly 50%. ONly one part of the 50% gets to have a say about anything and if you look at the key positions you'll see clearly women and minorities are still stuck to what old=stock men didn't want, plus that "new" PS really looks like the old one.
I just heard that Benoit HAmon, who by all accounts is a bright young man, state France should recreate a governmental authorization for companies that want to downsize. Uh, sarkozy will never go for that, and second, that's not utopia, that's distopia.
Something in me bolts at the thought 50% of the left simply has no representative of any kind and it's considered okay.
In fact a friend of mine confidently told me the pro-royal should just shut up already and disappear so they'll stop bothering people who've got work to do. It sounded an awful lot like "die already" and not very much like "of the people, by the people, for the people".

Unknown said...


don't worry too much. In politics as elsewhere, where there is a need, the need eventually gets fulfilled. If UMP think that they can create a fake left party, they are deluded. There is a principle that never fails anywhere: the left describes itself as left, conservative describe themselves as apolitical. It cannot fool everyone for more than a minute. Further, those who would like half of the SP to just go away are deluding themselves: this is typically what is called in medical terms "magical thought". Reality always gets to reassert itself, factions do not get to rule for very long in democratic parties.