Saturday, December 6, 2008

Slump Hits Brit Expats

Charles Bremner reports that the slump has hit the British expatriate community in France quite hard, and many are moving back to Britain.

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Unknown said...

I am amazed and full of admiration for the fact that a British paper could have 120 K readers in France.
Elswhere I did have the experience of working and living in two different currencies (earning £, living €) for a couple years. Let me tell you what I immediately did upon accepting this position: I sold forward 2 years worth of income on the forex market through an interest rate swap, reckoning that working is tiring enough without adding to it the worry of an uncertain standard of living. On the one hand I am an economist,on the other hand I am risk adverse, and on the third hand I happened to be in finance where all of this is very easy to implement.