Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Son Altesse Royale Is Not Pleased

Son Altesse Royale Charles-Emmanuel de Bourbon-Parme, supposedly a lineal descendant of the Sun King, asked a court to shut down the Jeff Koons exhibit at the Palais de Versailles on the grounds that it is "pornographic." "Would you want that in your grandmother's bedroom?" His Royal Highness asks a reporter in the video (visible at the link). The judge rejected the request, however. The prudish Robespierre might well have made common cause with the prince, but the Republic is now in the hands of sensualists and showmen, so it's unlikely that Koons will be banished anytime soon, especially since François Pinault is footing half the bill and Sarko-appointed Versailles director Jean-Jacques Aillagon used to work for him.

By the way, the prince is correct: Koons' work is pornographic.


Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon ( here in Denver, Colorado ) Dr Goldhammer! i tracked down your blog to ask a ? arising from my Ph D reading, in which iencountered Vital Nourishment by F. Jullien, in your tr. Did it seem to you that Dr J was fairly translating from the Chinese, or was he fitting the language to his ideas? Sincere thanks!

Unknown said...

I'm afraid I don't read Chinese, so I was relying entirely on Jullien. His French was elusive enough that I assumed he must be wrapping it in various mysteries of the Orient.

Anonymous said...

i've seen the Koons versaille show--though i'm not familiar with his work as a whole. do you really think those pieces are pornographic? several of them are sexual, and unsettlingly so, but i would really not have said pornographic.

on the whole i thought the show and the palace were both more interesting for being next to one another.