Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Times Have Changed

Time was, Yvonne de Gaulle refused to receive a divorced minister at her dinner table. But it's a new age. The president and his wife are vacationing in Brazil with Carla's real father, Maurizio Remmert, who had a six-year affair with her mother, Marisa Tedeschi, while she was married to "businessman and composer" Alberto Bruni. Benoît Hamon has accused Sarko of leaving a "vacancy of power" at home while he cavorts in Brazil. Sarko replies that those who accuse him of being a hyperpresident should be pleased that he's taking a few days off. No photo-ops this time, however: last year a horde of photographers was given carefully controlled access to the royal couple in Luxor. This year they are in the proverbial "undisclosed location."

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