Saturday, January 26, 2008

Municipals: Electoral Geography

Those following the municipal elections will be interested in this interactive map from Le Monde. Note the east-west divide: if one draws a line from Lille to Montpellier, all but three of the cities likely to swing left are located west of the line. The strength of the UMP in the east was also apparent in the presidential elections, as I discussed in May and June of last year. I also discussed the correlation with immigration patterns.

Fottorino at Le Monde

Éric Fottorino is the new chief at Le Monde, where the power struggle more than ever resembles the bad old days in the Kremlin. It seems that there was a secret agreement between Alain Minc and Fottorino on Wednesday that Jean-Michel Dumay, the contentious head of the SRM (association of Le Monde journalists), would go as a condition of Fottorino's acceptance by the external stockholders. Then Fottorino allegedly failed to disclose this agreement at a meeting with journalists on Thursday. I cannot make out what really happened. Perhaps sometime in the next ten years someone will write a book or a good piece of investigative journalism telling us what is really going on at the paper and how it is influencing the news we read in France's newspaper of record. Meanwhile, there is no choice but to read as widely as possible, and fortunately the Internet makes that quite easy.

For a short biography of Fottorino, see here.