Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Back to School for Attali

The Attali report says:
"Find ways to ensure that by the end of the sixth grade every pupil will have mastered reading, writing, arithmetic, working in groups, and computer literacy"

Jacques Attali, on his blog, writes:
"... ce sont des hommes qui, presque à mains nus, ont fait vacillé un pouvoir infiniment puissant : David tuant Goliath et gagnant la guerre ..."

To quote Captain Renault of Casablanca, I am shocked, shocked, to discover that Jacques Attali is the beneficiary of a social promotion and needs to return to the sixth grade. Two mistakes in one sentence ...

Of course he'll probably correct these errors when he sees this post, but I swear this is copied straight from his Web page at 19:16 EST, 1/29/2008.

Kerviel's Story

"It is impossible to generate such [huge] profits with small positions. Which leads me to say that when I was in the black, my superiors closed their eyes." Libé summary here, Le Monde here, full testimony here.