Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Little Brother Is Watching

The Élysée will be monitoring the blogosphere, according to JDD. A 24-year-old normalien named Nicolas Princen has been hired "to monitor everything that is said on the Web." Vaste programme, aurait dit de Gaulle. He is to "track false rumors and counter disinformation aimed at the president."

Well, why not? Perhaps he'll learn something. There are indeed false rumors and disinformation everywhere, but then again, there's a good deal of intelligent political commentary. I hope M. Princen reads English. I would hate to have my false rumors and disinformation go unchecked.

EU-Level Banking Regulation

Guido Tabellini reflects on the causes of the credit crunch and among them finds regulatory competition leading to relaxation of supervisory regimes in order to prevent financial institutions from seeking a more favorable regulatory environment elsewhere. He thinks that the time has come to prevent this kind of unhealthy competition in Europe by moving to banking regulation at the EU level.

The Republic Is Saved!

The hyperventilation can stop. The Republic is safe. Carla Bruni's husband has withdrawn his criminal complaint against Le Nouvel Observateur, according to Ms. Bruni herself. The lady has apparently received the personal apology of the offending journalist, Airy Routier, for any offense he might have caused by reporting which he still maintains was accurate but for which he can produce no corroborating evidence. So it seems that the aggrieved husband was interested only in saving his damsel's honor, besmirched by the errant journalist's suggestion that her man might have been willing to take back his former woman and toss the new one to the paparazzi. Ms. Bruni defends herself ably with quotations from Beaumarchais and Gad Elmaleh, as well as the charter signed by the jounalists of the Nouvel Obs. Caesar's wife is cultivated as well as spotless. Knowing this, the citizens of the Hexagon will no doubt sleep easier tonight.