Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Off

I took a weekend away from French politics and French Politics. On an island, without Internet access, without even a newspaper ... The world seems to have continued spinning on its axis. Carla Bruni did her best imitation of Jackie Kennedy for the editors of Libé, and readers were not amused. Jack Lang decided that Martine Aubry was his girl, because she is "firmly anchored on the left," unlike some other leading candidates for the PS leadership, but he wanted it to be known that his remarks were not directed against Bertrand Delanoë, which leaves little doubt about the person at whom they were directed, though he didn't mention her by name.

Both of these sagas--Bruni seeks to seduce the world, PS seeks a leader--have become rather wearisome, but I have to ease myself back into the blogging routine, so I begin by regaining my bearings with two overly familiar stories, about which, alas, I have nothing novel to say.