Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chinese Threat

No sooner had Nicolas Sarkozy announced his intention to go to China for the opening of the Olympics as the representative of both France and the EU, thus withdrawing the threat of a boycott in protest of the crackdown in Tibet, than China announced a threat of its own: there will be "grave consequences" if Sarkozy meets with the Dalai Lama when the latter visits Paris in August. Cohn-Bendit is scandalized by Sarkozy's decision. So is Robert Menard. Pierre Moscovici is flabbergasted by China's threat, which does leave Sarkozy in rather an awkward position.

Top of the Pops

I don't really want to lend myself to the Bruni publicity machine, but, well, it's just so bizarre to have a pop album promoted by the Élysée, and why not? when its occupant is described thus in lyrical paean:

faut qu'tu saisisses, faut qu'tu comprennes
tu es mon seigneur, t'es mon chéri,
t'es mon orgie,
tu es mon carême
tu es ma folie mon amalgame
tu es mon pain béni,
mon prince qui charme
je suis ta tienne,
je suis ta tienne,
je suis ta tienne,

No comment.

But here's a wicked thought: maybe the song on the album that best describes the presidential couple is not Ma Came or Ta Tienne but Il Vecchio e il Bambino.