Sciences Po 2008 c’est :

- une université sélective qui accueille et mène au succès les élites populaires ;

- une université sélective qui forme des élites européennes, performantes dans la mondialisation mais socialement responsables ;

- un laboratoire d’expérimentation des futures réformes universitaires.

Note the unabashed embrace of the words "selective" and "elite," as well as the shrewd coupling of "elite" with both "populaire" and "European." Descoings knows where he wants to take Sciences Po, and there is no question that he has succeeded in moving it in the direction he wants it to go. He fleshes out his vision in a series of posts on his blog. It's worth reading whether you agree with his idea of the future of the French university or not, because, unlike many of his competitors, he is forthright about what he wants and capable of demonstrating that he knows how to achieve it. A model that works is bound to be attractive to a government in search of a viable method of reform.