Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Discrimination Against Le Monde?

Le Monde claims that Bernard Kouchner is boycotting several of its reporters. Incredible.

Lang: "Party of Losers"

Jack Lang says that "the PS has become a party of losers, which is the worst image a party can have." But Lang's criticism is mild compared to Jean-Luc Mélenchon's: "I've been galvanized by the sight of the wretched shithole that was [the PS Summer University at La Rochelle]. I want no part of that pack of turncoats" (sarabande de girouettes--maybe somebody can come up with a better translation).

François Hollande assures Le Monde's readers today that things have calmed down at rue Solférino, but apparently the word hasn't gotten out to either the left wing of the party or the Socialistes de l'ouverture.

Bristol's Got Company

Bristol Palin isn't the only unwed expectant mother in the news. Justice minister Rachida Dati has confirmed the rumor that she is pregnant. She won't reveal the name of the father, however: "I have a very complicated private life, and that's where I draw the line with the press. I won't have anything to say on that subject."

Oh, and Dati says she won't be leaving the government, countering the other rumor that Sarkozy would seize on the pregnancy to get rid of her.

One thing I think you can count on: Dati's child won't be named "Trig."

Curious about possible dads? A Brit correspondent unbuttons his stiff upper lip to give the French a tongue-lashing on their hypocritical notion of privacy.