Friday, September 26, 2008

Sarko Grows Third Leg

It seems that Match airbrushed (or is "photoshopped" the more current verb?) the head of a bodyguard out of a picture of Sarko with the Pope, but it forgot to eliminate the guard's leg, which remains in the picture as an apparent supernumerary presidential appendage. With the economy galloping along as though it were on three legs, perhaps the photo is appropriate.

On the subject of photographing the president, it has been hard to avoid noticing that wherever he goes, Carla is strategically placed to enhance the shot. She gives new meaning to the phrase "eye candy." The "trophy wife" phenomenon is not uncommon, but it's really rather unseemly to flaunt one's trophy everywhere. People may begin to ask whether you're worthy of the honor.

Who Went Where?

Now that the putative "courant Strauss-Kahnien" has fractured, who went where? We know that Cambadélis and Montebourg joined Fabius chez Aubry. It's therefore interesting to learn that the estimable strategist Alain Bergounioux, the principal author of the manifesto that tried to find common ground and coherence amid the party squabbles, went to Delanoë, as did Grenoble mayor Michel Destot (of "Rocardian" sensibility, as is Bergounioux) and former defense minister Alain Richard (a "Jospinian").

So? So, if I were to find myself in a dark alley some night, I'd rather meet up with these guys than with Fabius, Cambadélis, and Montebourg. The Aubry camp seems to embody the Florentine side of the Mitterrand legacy. The henchmen still have their daggers, and it is only a matter of time before they turn on one another. The Delanoë camp is altogether more sober, which, alas, may be a polite way of saying boring. Royal offers a mediagenic front to a phalanx of suits, and Valls runs her a close second as the most presentable of politicians, though what he says runs the risk of running counter to what she says. If I were a betting man, I guess I'd put my money on Royal at this point, and I think that if her faction wins, the party leadership will in fact go to Gérard Collomb, the mayor of Lyon.