Monday, December 8, 2008

Peillon: The New PS Can't Spell

According to Vincent Peillon, the new Socialist Party of Martine Aubry is not only guilty of "intellectual regression" and "forgetting education," it can't even spell correctly, "which is unacceptable in a party of government." In addition to these peccadillos, it has all but excluded the Ségolénistes from participating in the running of the party, despite their 50% representation. Ségo herself went on TV to deny that she was refusing "to work." She is ready and willing, she says, and told "Martine" so on three occasions but is still waiting for her call, despite the fact that she "represents fifty percent of the militants."

If "Martine" thought that the Ségo problem was behind her, she'd better guess again, and since the Martine-Ségo fight is of far greater interest to the media than the fine points of the Socialist program to manage the crisis by giving more purchasing power to the workers (yeah, right!), there will effectively be no opposition in France for the next four years unless the crabs in the basket can somehow be tranquilized.

Bertrand to Head UMP

No surprise, but Xavier Bertrand has been named interim head of the UMP.

Habermas and Sarkozy, Même Combat?

Jean-Claude Monod tells us that Jürgen Habermas, the great apostle of rational dialogue, no longer believes in the self-sufficiency of "communicative reason" and argues that rationalists must enter into "critical and self-critical dialogue" with what he variously calls "religion, the religious heritage, religious traditions, and the normative resources of religion." Perhaps this is not quite the same thing as Sarkozy's contention that the schoolmaster alone is not enough or that there is no civilization without religion, but the point seems similar enough that one might expect Habermas soon to be added to the Sen-Stiglitz Commission on the "politics of civilization"--if it hasn't already been disbanded or transformed into the Economic Crisis Advisory Board.