Saturday, December 20, 2008

Background on Julien Dray

Some background information on Julien Dray and his relations with the FIDL.

Mosco-Camba--Ça chauffe!

Pierre Moscovici evidently isn't at all happy with Jean-Christophe Cambadélis's characterization of his political maneuvering in the recent intraparty contest. In the grand scheme of things, this spat of course doesn't amount to a hill of beans. Still, I am fascinated by Moscovici's apparent belief that setting forth his états d'âme is a useful way of doing politics. Apparently he's never heard the admonition, Don't get mad, get even. Nevertheless, I rather enjoy his talent at playing the wounded Knight of Doleful Countenance. As to which of the two is best serving the presidential interests of DSK--if indeed either one is looking out for anybody but number one--I have no doubt that Mosco is correct that a social democrat had better watch his back in meetings with Hamon, Fabius, Emannuelli, et al., but I also have no doubt that social democrats need to learn to play politics if they want to win the presidential nomination. Michel Rocard will be honored at his funeral with fine speeches, and I'm sure Pierre Moscovici could write a good one, but Rocard was never elected president. Apart from that, I'm not sure that DSK will want the candidacy in 2012, so the whole issue may be moot. In the meantime, amuse yourself by reading Mosco's lament.

Copé se meurt, Copé est mort.

Long-time readers may have gathered that Jean-François Copé is not my favorite politician. So I enjoyed this exercise in neo-Bossuetian rhetoric by the eminently talented François Miclo.