Thursday, January 1, 2009

Cat Fight

This should amuse the academics among you.


Anonymous said...

Yep -- if by "amuse" you mean "baffle" and "vex"!

Best wishes for 2009.

MYOS said...

Do you think David Lodge could write a short story about it? :p

About academics and snowballs - apparently, the law does not require universities to keep the IUT's budget at its previous level once they get under their umbrella. The IUTs (= selective, small colleges with good student/faculty ratio, adequate facilities, and 2-year programs that serve as an escape route to get to the licence in good conditions, even though originally they served as Applied Science colleges...) are successful, well-funded, and could thus lose both independence and specificity, not to mention success rates.
Yet the Pecresse law seems good, even though an ominous academic predicts that soon tuition will rise.