Friday, January 9, 2009

The Contradictions of Anti-Capitalism

Olivier Besancenot may not head the NPA list in the upcoming European elections because he is afraid of winning (which would take just 6.5% of the vote in Ile-de-France) and thus being forced to become an MEP--O! cruelty of democratic institutions--or else resign in favor of a comrade, an expedient he would prefer to avoid. He is also troubled that subscriptions to the NPA are falling short of expectations.

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Anonymous said...

Whether consciously or unconsciously, I think the NPA just as the LCR before & other far-out extremist outfits acknowledge their inability to roll up their sleeves and actually do the hard work of governing or managing political affairs of polities bigger than communes & lieu-dits. And for that, they're doing us all a service.

Chris P.