Wednesday, January 28, 2009


In a post the other day, I harshly criticized Guillaume Klossa, a former advisor to former secretary of state for European affairs Jean-Pierre Jouyet, for overstating the achievements of the French presidency. A person whose opinions I value observed that I had been rather less temperate than usual in my criticism of Klossa. I agreed that I had perhaps gone too far. But now comes Klossa himself with a piece in Le Monde in which he says this:

En d'autres mots, il n'est pas certain que Barack Obama ait été élu si les Européens n'avaient pas pris l'initiative sur ces différents sujets et n'avaient pas su faire résonner leurs singularités et leurs convictions : le seul combat qui vaille, c'est l'Homme, sa dignité.

Since, in another bout of intemperance, I nominated Christian Estrosi the other day for the position of roi des cons for attributing Obama's election to Sarkozy's inspired action, I guess I'll have to nominate Klossa for vice-roy. When Obamania combines with Euronarcissism, absurdity knows no limit, and my forbearance is sorely strained. So I become a recidivist with respect to M. Klossa, who must be running for something. My advice to him is to put a sock in it.

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Polly-Vous Francais said...

Best laugh I've had all day.

Vice-roi des cons and a Klossal boor.