Thursday, January 8, 2009

On Dati and Dad

The Dati saga continues: she is now at the center of a maelstrom about whether it is heroic or contemptible for a working woman to forgo the three months of maternity leave to which she is entitled. Charles Bremner also drops a strong hint as to the identity of the father. Follow the link if you desire enlightenment.


kirkmc said...

What shocks me is that she seems to care so little for her child that she gives her up after just five days. That seems exceedingly cold, even for a woman who desires power as Dati does. Add to that her attempt at sexy post-maternity dress - spike heels and all black - makes her look like a joke.

Anonymous said...

a) Dati did not "give up her child"; se went to a meeting.

b) If Jose-Maria Aznar is the father Dati has worse decision-making skills than I could have imagined.