Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Reform by Definite Article

A major reform of the French system of justice is in the works: le juge d'instruction will be replaced by le juge de l'instruction. Beyond that, Le Monde, in its wisdom, chooses to tell us nothing about the proposed reform except that "Sarkozy envisage de supprimer le juge d'instruction pour confier l'ensemble des enquêtes judiciaires au parquet, sous le contrôle d'un magistrat du siège, appelé juge de l'instruction." I, for one, am not enlightened. I hope that Maître Eolas will see fit to explain the change with his usual acumen. In the meantime, I note that this reform is uncharacteristically discreet for Sarko: instead of the usual esbroufe, we have reform by definite article.

Slightly more information here. Still more here (am I the only one who thinks that Rue89 may well be the best "newspaper" in France, even though it exists only on the Web?).

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