Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tectonic Well-Being

It seems that Carla Bruni brought her president not only happiness and serenity but also a personal trainer, Julie Imperiali, who specializes in Tectonic Well-Being, with a special focus on the perineum:

Her method - focusing on the perineal muscles at the bottom of the pelvis - not only improves posture and delivers a healthier body and mind, but it also improves the sex lives of all her clients, Imperiali claims.

More here.


Unknown said...

And prevents earthquakes?

Unknown said...

Or ensures that when you have sex, the earth moves.

Is that you, Seth the geologist?

Unknown said...

The one and only (well, actually, there are several others). I know "tectonic" has meaning beyond geology, but hard to resist. Anyway, thought I'd check in here to see how the inauguration is playing in France -looks like Royal is already trying to claim credit for Obama's messaging?

Unknown said...

Yes, she is. See comment to previous post, "Le Roi des Cons." The reference is in French, however.