Monday, February 9, 2009

Brown and Topolanek Miffed

Britain has frittered away its industrial plant, Sarko suggested in his televised meeting with the press last week. Gordon Brown is not amused. Downing Street has telephoned Paris to remind the French president that industry accounts for 14% of British GDP, not far below the French figure of 16%. Meanwhile, Czech prime minister Topolanek is fuming about Sarko's implicit threat to punish French auto companies that outsource to the Czech Republic, demonstrating the difference between an honest-to-God neoliberal and a neoliberal in sheep's clothing like Sarkozy.


TexExile said...

Surely that should be the other way round -- it's Sarko's clothing that is (by French standards, at least) neo-liberal. The substance is, and always has been, rather different.

Unknown said...

Whatever. Of course. I tripped over my own metaphor.