Thursday, February 5, 2009

From a Reader

On university reform:

Dear Art,
to "balance" the post from Le Figaro":

As an introduction to the debate the video of Sarkozy's discourse (and some data) that has been read as a provocation from right to left (his contempt is palpable...)

(Sorry ... this link no longer works, but I leave the comment as is.)

More importantly, Olivier Beaud's (law professor at Paris II) view -- the best presentation of the reform project-- technical, serious and opiniated:


Lesley said...

The Youtube link does work and the video is worth watching. The following comment made me howl with laughter:
"Matt Damon craignait que l'élection à la Maison Blanche de Sarah Palin ressemble à un mauvais film de Disney, en France nous avons fait mieux nous avons réussi a faire élire Robert Bidochon!"

MYOS said...

Excellent, very informative: thanks.