Saturday, February 21, 2009

President Pats Cows Without Incident

President Sarkozy paid a courtesy call on 650 cattle, 550 sheep, and 140 horses and ponies without any incident of the sort that made last year's Salon de l'Agriculture famous around the world.


Anonymous said...

He did not even tell-off a cow? He is slipping. I must admit that, as a new student of French, the President has made learning the language all the more interesting. He ought not hold his tongue so often! Think of the students and the learning experiences we need!

Anonymous said...

It must be the first time that someone says that Sarkozy should not hold his tongue.

Anonymous said...

Well, in any case, it was a poof that bursted. Time showed that he was only a charlatan, with a big idea for himself and lots of behavioral complexes. A real french president quoi ... :)