Monday, February 16, 2009

Royal Opposes Rejoining NATO

Ségolène Royal opposes Sarkozy's proposal for France to rejoin the NATO command structure. She sees the move as a "fallback onto the Western sphere," a forfeit of French independence, and a defensive move that harks back to the mentality of the Cold War and may, by implication, antagonize the Russians. France can best engage Obama's new American multilateralism by remaining independent rather than by signaling subservience (she does not use the word, but the idea runs as a thread throughout her text).

In other words, the Socialist Royal is espousing a frankly Gaullist foreign policy that the putative Gaullist Sarkozy deems outmoded.


Anonymous said...

Maybe her high-profile dinner with De Villepin had that effect? :-)

TexExile said...

No real surprise. Just one more example of the many ways in which I think politics here now resembles a French version of 'Through the Looking Glass'.

Anonymous said...

Lately French politics seem to have become so polarised, that no matter what one says, his/her oppent has to say the opposite.
It sometimes feels like we're back in kindergarden. "Non! Si! Non! Si! Non..."

I wouldn't be surprised if after "Vous n'avez pas, monsieur Mitterrand, le monopole du cœur, vous ne l'avez pas." and "Mais vous avez tout à fait raison Monsieur le Premier ministre !", during the next presidential election's second round TV debate the knock-out 'petite-phrase' were "C'est celui qui le dit qui y est !"