Thursday, February 5, 2009

Still Punching

I didn't watch the whole Sarkoshow. I'm not sure whether he's lost his touch or I've just tired of his style, but he seems to have lost the capacity to surprise. He's like an old actor--a Nicholson or a de Niro--who has ceased to act and simply parodies himself. When he's on the defensive, as he was tonight, he loses his playfulness. He becomes a counterpuncher, as when he insisted that the loans to the banks were moneymakers and that the proceeds would be put to use "exclusively for social programs." Clearly he's gathered that people are upset that banks are being bailed out while working people can't make ends meet. He was clever enough to defend the rescue of the banking system by invoking the Capra film, "It's a Wonderful Life," though I wonder how many people in France have seen it.

And a bit of free media counsel: if you're going to do Meet the Press in the Elysée, lose the ultra-contempo modular office furniture that looks as though it was ordered from an Ikea catalog. It just doesn't go with the sumptuous backdrop, or with the equally sumptuous Laurence Ferrari, whose blouse put me in mind of the haute couture lovingly described by Zola in La Curée.

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Timur Friedman said...

There was some fabulous modern furniture in the Elysée under Pompidou, designed by Pierre Paulin.