Monday, March 9, 2009


An excellent survey of what the econ blogs are saying about the state of Europe.


Anonymous said...

I made the assumption that since your blog is in English, that the intended audience is international. That's great and its exactly why I'm following your blog - to get a flavor of what's happening in French politics.

But if your blog is in English and you are targetting an international audience, why do you post links to French only websites?

That makes no sense.

P.S. It was an American blog that enabled me to find this one.

Unknown said...

I'm afraid that it's difficult to cover French politics without relying at times on French sources, or European politics without relying on sources in languages other than English. I do translate some material, but time is limited. I hope you find enough content in the posts and English-language references to continue as a reader.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do find your blog on French politics quite interesting since such information is not usually available in mainstream American media.

And I understand that your information sources necessarily are in French.

I was just pointing out an inconsistency. That inconsistency may be impossible to resolve (as you suggest), but it is at least something to keep in mind.