Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sarko in Mexico

The Sarkozys left for their Mexican state visit a little early, leaving time for a little fun in the sun. But we won't know where, or how much fun they're having. The location and all details of the visit have been declared top secret. Gone are the days when the happy couple exhibited itself at Disneyland, Rungis, and Luxor. The crisis is here, and austerity is de rigueur, at least as far as the press is concerned. But Sarko will dine tonight with Felipe Caldéron and, it is intimated, work out a deal for the release of Florence Cassez, a French national who has been convicted of complicity in a kidnapping and sentenced to 96 years in prison, now reduced to 70, but who continues to proclaim her innocence, despite her companion's confession. This exploit, if Sarko pulls it off, won't rank with the release of the Bulgarian nurses or Ingrid Betancourt. It's more on the level of the Arche de Zoë affair, and Cassez would presumably be transferred to a French prison (and a shorter sentence). Still, it should play well among the French if their president pulls off yet another "hostage release."

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