Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trotsky and the FNAC

What is the connection between Leon Trotsky and the FNAC discount chain? Hugo Schofield explains.


Unknown said...

The FNAC then and the FNAC now are rather different animals. A little bit like Springer the scientific editor and Springer the press magnate were different (those who get the allusion will be retiring soon, or maybe will have seen a recent German movie). What Schofield does not mention is that FNAC in the 1970's employed a lot of members of LC, then LCR: a way to fund the apparat, is what it was.

Boz said...

The original idea sounds like a communist Walmart...ok, maybe that's a bit oversimplifying.

TexExile said...

A fascinating little piece, Art. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Alas, Theret’s view that one way to make the workers better off was to bring down the price of traded goods seems to have been lost on most of the Left, in France and elsewhere (as well as much of the centre and right in many countries).

And there’s hardly anything incongruous about Theret's having grown very rich – it was Trotsky himself who said, ‘Nothing is too good for the working class.’

Anonymous said...

Wow!Fascinating history. I wonder if his connection to Spain is why there is a big FNAC in Madrid right next to El Corte Inglais?

Madrid is where I learned to never shop at FNAC (too expensive) and I followed that rule in Paris as well. Perhaps I did not give it a fair shake.

Thanks for directing us to this info.