Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Valls Gets His Knuckles Rapped

The Bureau National of the Socialist Party was mostly critical of Manuel Valls' critique of the party's "antisarkozysme primaire." See my previous post and readers' comments on this subject. Also here and here.

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MYOS said...

Of course they had to blame Sunday's giant humiliation on someone, it's so much easier than to question yourself and wonder if, somehow, you might not have to change something. And of course, if Aubry's Festival of Liberties failed, it's entirely because thousands of socialistes read Vall's blog and decided "I really wanted to go but this convinced me to stay home".
I thought they'd reached the bottom of the pond, but nope, they're outdoing themselves!
I bet Sarkozy must be rejoicing and buying shovels so they can keep digging. As a youth I know says "Anything more, they'll find oil".