Thursday, April 23, 2009

Juppé: Think About Modifying the Tax Shield

Rumblings on the right: Alain Juppé says that it's time to think about reconsidering the tax shield revision that was a centerpiece of the Sarko program. "Fairness and justice" need to be considered--or, rather, more precisely, a "signal" of fairness and justice needs to be sent. Interesting formulation, that. In any case, with a ministerial shakeup expected soon, this is an interesting move on Juppé's part. It, too, is a "signal"--to Sarko, that his party is restive and that if he, the president, decides that he, too, wants to start signaling, one way to do it would be to choose Juppé for a major post, say at Finance, or even perhaps PM. Of course Juppé would be a rather large couleuvre for the president to swallow. He's no pushover, and he lacks Fillon's discretion. In power he could become a thorn in Sarko's side. But Sarko seems to be out of ideas and short even on tactics and images, normally his strong suits. Juppé is offering him the latter and perhaps even the former: in the post-neoliberal age, conservatism needs to stress its "humanist" compassion rather than its now suspect commitment to the logic of economic incentives.

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Unknown said...

now that would be surprising. S is famously vindictive and J is famously imbued with self worth. This, to me, would be like one of these binary devices, ready to blow up at any time!