Wednesday, April 29, 2009

National Security Threat

Uh-oh. Big trouble for France:

Hundreds of 'highly intimate' images of the French president's wife and her former lover have been stolen during a burglary.

The photographs and videos of Carla Bruni, who is on an official trip to Spain with Nicolas Sarkozy, date from the 41-year- old's affair with philosopher Raphael Enthoven.

Thieves broke into the Paris flat of his brother, 27-year-old actor Julien Enthoven, where the prints and videos were being kept, and stole them.

Police believe the images could be posted on the web, serving to embarrass Nicolas Sarkozy or be sold for a sizeable sum, thanks to his third wife's status.

And then there's this:

A week earlier £500,000 worth of jewellery was taken from the Neuilly apartment of Cecilia Attias, Mr Sarkozy's second wife.

£500,000? Really? That's a lot of bling for the ex-wife of a politician and current wife of a publicity man.


MYOS said...

errr what was the brother doing with 'highly intimate' pictures?

Perhaps the Inspection des Impôts (?? I mean the French IRS) should reconsider the Sarkozy household declaration des impôts. I heard they were juste barely at the ISF level. £500,000 in bling doesn't seem level with that. Then again, perhaps Ms. Sarkozy#2 is independently wealthy and married to a very very generous new husband.

Cincinna said...

Every time new sensational pictures of his wife are released, Sarko's popularity goes up in the polls. This is France, after all.

For the record, Carla is Madame Sarko #3, but who's counting?

Carla is a very rich woman. She inherited a great deal of money from her family, the rich, Italian industrialist Bruno-Tedeschi family. She has also made a small fortune on her own with her (gasp!) singing and guitar playing, and income from her days a s a top model. She is the rich one in the Sarkozy family.

MYOS said...

No no, for the IRS review, I did mean WIfe#2, Cecilia Attias, to whom the jewellery has been taken and whose bling presumably also comes from Sarkozy himself, unless Attias, as I said, is very very generous.

Still no answer to the question: why did the brother have the "highly intimate" pictures?
(I doubt it's an understatement for "very personal childhood pictures")

Unknown said...

The story on the photos is that Raphael Enthoven, the former lover, was afraid that he might be the target of thieves, so he sent the photos to his brother for safekeeping. We are asked to believe that the thieves anticipated this move, "knew exactly what they were looking for," and found it directly after breaking and entering the brother's apartment. No doubt all sorts of theories are already circulating on the Web about what really went down and why. The imagination knows no limits.

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Mes apologies, but my dumb question of the week: Don't they have safety deposit boxes in France?