Thursday, April 2, 2009

Not Nothing

750 gigabucks for the IMF: ça valait le détour. Sarko got enough, I guess, that he didn't pick up his marbles and head home. And the queen got a pat on the back from Michelle Obama, leaving defenders of royalty and protocol clucking about lèse-majesté, but the queen seemed unfazed enough to put her arm around Michelle's waist. Maybe she profited from seeing the film about herself and learning that one stoops to conquer. Michelle and Barack with Liz and Phil looked like Brobdingnagians among Lilliputians; Sarko would have fit right in on the royals' side, but he wasn't invited. He may be regretting all the flattery he lavished on the Brits and the Yanks. The special relationship remains special, and France and Germany, soeurs ennemies, remain stuck with each other.


TexExile said...

Michelle Obama was just continuing an American tradition. When HM made her Bicentennial visit to the United States in July 1976, Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller gave her a pat on the back (unreciprocated, in this instance) as she viewed a copy of Magna Carta on display the rotunda of the Capitol. (This was the same visit on which Rocky cut in on his boss, President Ford, as the prez danced with the Queen at the state banquet.)

Anonymous said...

It was absurd to think that Sarkozy would ever walk away from the summit. He's no De Gaulle, and he knows it.