Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Rarity

The law "Création and Internet" (HADOPI) has failed to pass the National Assembly. Legislative recalcitrance is rare enough in France (so different in this respect from the US!) that it's worth noting when it occurs. Yet another failure for Jean-François Copé, who is no Sarkozy when it comes to keeping his troops in line.

And then the EU may take care of it altogether:

Pendant les vacances parlementaires en France, les députés européens doivent se prononcer le 22 avril sur le paquet télécom, un ensemble de directives qui régiront les télécommunications dans l'Union européenne. Un amendement défendu par la socialiste Catherine Trautmann, ancienne ministre de la Culture, pourrait rendre la loi antipiratage française contraire au droit européen, s'il est adopté. Son vote ne fait guère de doute, puisque les eurodéputés se sont déjà prononcés par deux fois en faveur d'un amendement similaire, à la quasi-unanimité.


MYOS said...

Meet the "socialist ninjas" who deftly hide, ten apiece, behind columns, then jump out and HHHAAAA decapitate HADOPI

You'll love Copé even more after reading his explanation. Someone's got to explain to him the meaning of "democracy": the Parliamentary opposition voting in Parliament does not constitute a coup, even if they carry the vote. :)

Anonymous said...

I must add that this ringamarole is mostly for naught, since the European Assembly's already decided that cutting off an entire household's internet connexion for one member's infraction were illegal according to European law.
European representatives are probably also parents. :-)
Indeed the whole household would be prohibited from buying internet service from any provider for 2 years.
AND if it were a marauding neighbor stealing your wifi, you STILL would get your internet cut off.
So even if the French law had passed, it would never have been applicable.

MYOS said...

More funny stuff, collected by Marianne

More seriously, by F. de Rugy (vert) explains

and Minister Albanel says she will leave office if the law does not pass next time!

David in Setouchi said...

This Hadopi law was not all that bad after all...
It allowed us to laugh at the expense of the UMP (and especially Lefebvre and Copé)
And it may even get us rid of Albanel who is to culture what the Chinese Communist Party is to democracy.

MYOS said...

David, I disagree with you: Albanel is qualified. The problem is not Albanel, but Nicolas Sarkozy who has - as far as I can tell- very little understanding of culture as a field, but has taken over Albanel's job, effectively reducing her to a mouthpiece for ideas she does not believe in.
HADOPI's been written by the CEO of FNAC. That alone should disqualify it. If Target's CEO were to write a law which a majority of constituents desagree with, do you think it's pass in the US Congress? (It may be added as "pork" but not presented as "a law".)

Strange reaction: We don't like the vote so we'll vote again.

David in Setouchi said...

Yeah, I'm a little tough with Albanel...
She's very qualified with all things cultural... if we lived in the 3rd Republic.
Sure, she has a strong classical cultural background, but she doesn't understand today's culture.