Saturday, May 2, 2009

La Révolution n'aura pas lieu

A bizarre headline in Libé this morning: "Less historic than hoped." The referent is yesterday's May Day demonstration, which brought fewer people into the streets than the March 19 day of protest. Explanations run the gamut: May 1 fell on a Friday, and the weather was good, so a lot of people chose to take the weekend rather than bring down the government; May 1 is a day for "labor," so the bourgeoisie stayed home; it was just too much trouble to march yet again, and so soon after the last time; etc.

The causal reasoning doesn't seem quite up to the label "historic," either. If the ras-le-bol goes no deeper than this, there's a good deal more gruel to be scraped before the bowl is truly empty. Perhaps now talk of a general strike will abate.

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MYOS said...

They expected historic?
Economic doom and swine fever are ready to fall upon us and there's an opportunity to use up the RTT when it's sunny: History will wait. (If you don't use up your RTT days by June, they're lost.)
I walked downtown to get my bread and the crowds were suspiciously larger than last year's, when a few hundreds were walking half-heartedly. However, you couldn't compare to the last protests and certainly not to anything "historic".
I asked a random protester who said "well, look at the weather: of course they're thinking of us at the beach".