Saturday, May 23, 2009


It seems that Claude Allègre will soon enter the government in some unspecified capacity. The rumors have been flying for some time, and Pierre Moscovici claimed the other day to have had confirmation from the man himself. We know that Sarko finds the former Jospin education minister personally sympa, but what signal does he intend to send by appointing Allègre? He is a scientist who denies that global warming is a consequence of human activity--a message contrary to Sarko's stated desire to make Europe a leader in efforts to reverse global warming. Sarko even had the chutzpah to suggest that Obama wasn't up to speed on the issue and that he, Sarko, would be glad to educate him. Presumably Allègre isn't up for an environmental post. As for education, his desire to dégraisser le Mammouth hasn't made him popular in those quarters. So presumably Sarko has something else in mind: research czar, perhaps. But the headlines will be all about his other positions.


FrédéricLN said...

The fluff re global warming is the point. Her you have someone who may feen unconcerned about human responsability towards mankind - just follow the One Direction of History, together capitalist and socialist, and you need no more to worry about the meaning of your acts.

(Sorry for my expression in English. I still write it because I feel there is something meaningful here, that turns around being a Democrat, or not, and about being addicted to the power of the State, or not).

Cincinna said...

It is difficult to beat Obama in the chutzpah and arrogance department. He could learn a lot from Sarko and from France on Energy issues.

Sarko has a strong record on Energy issues. France is a country that gets 80% of its energy from Nuclear sources, and is the leader is clean, safe nuclear technology. You will never see Sarko bend over and bow to a Saudi Sheik.

Obama has no energy policy. He has turned his back on every option that would make America more energy independent and provide for clean, safe, affordable energy.

Obama's Energy policy has been "just say no". No to drilling in the Contnental US and ANWAR, no to offshore, no to clean coal, and no to Nuclear power.

Obama should be open to all options that would free America from dependence on foreign oil.

Didier@WindyCity said...

With independence of opinion for Allegre’s personality, his message on global warning was not a complete denial on the subject but a scientific opinion rather than a political opinion. Answering the question about attributing entire responsibility for global warning on human activity, his answer was we do not control all components to answer this question fast conclusions were made on hypotheses to promote environmental development.