Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Travel Time

I fly to Paris later today and then on to Grenoble on Thursday for a conference on "Reinventing Democracy." I may blog from France, but I'll be very busy, so the posts may be sparse. It's perhaps fitting that I'll be in France for the second anniversary of Sarkozy's accession to power. I began the blog a couple of weeks later, partly in response to the event. I see that the French media are engaged in the tedious exercise of anniversary evaluation. I don't feel the need to indulge, since I have been providing running commentary on this presidency since it began, and this doesn't seem to me a particularly propitious moment to take stock. Perhaps I'll change my mind when I set foot on French soil. It's a little less than a year since I was last in France. Much has changed in external circumstances (the crisis had not yet spread to the real economy last July), but not much has changed in my assessment of either Sarkozy or the opposition. So I will let this anniversary pass in silence.

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Anonymous said...

I keep forgetting that you're not here, in France that is. Chapeau!