Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cabinet Leaks

OK, part 2 of Sarkoweek begins: the first leaks about the new government are out. Darcos moves up to a regalian ministry, replacing Dati. Etc. There's nothing particularly exciting here: no new ouvertures to right, left, up, down, or extreme; no new representatives of visible minorities; Yade isn't being kicked out but may move from the Quai d'Orsay to Sports, which looks like a demotion any way you slice it. Frédéric Mitterrand is returning from Rome, where he'd barely unpacked his bags, to take over Culture.

ADDENDUM: Actually, it's Alliot-Marie to Justice, Darcos to Labor. Does it matter?

Yawn. (No need to change my bottom line.)


Unknown said...

no new overture, what about F. Mitterrand? He's not exactly a vintage right winger

Unknown said...

Give me a break. His specialty is crowned heads. He's got the name Mitterrand, but he's no Socialist:

Michel Sapin, membre de la direction du PS: «L'ouverture c'est fini (...) à défaut (on) essaie de jouer sur les noms de famille. Comme on ne trouve plus de nom dont on ferait changer les convictions, on cherche des noms qui peuvent laisser place aux apparences. Frédéric Mitterrand a beaucoup de qualités, est un grand homme de culture qui a toujours pensé à droite et qui est, donc, tout à fait à sa place. Le président de la République aurait bien aimé pouvoir continuer (l'ouverture) et il a vu les limites de cet exercice».

Unknown said...

L'ouverture hasn't ended since it really never was one, nevertheless the PS isn't the best place to get a decent opinion on the matter either. This is more about an aging character eager for a prestigious cabinet position to crown his career, just like Kouchner before him.

MYOS said...

Frédéric M has backed the Right for the past 15 years or so. He was already backing Chirac in 1995. His name is interesting but of limited interested. While everyone knows his last name, he wasn't all that famous anymore.
(I read somewhere a list of other people with famous last names along the lines of "Bernadette Jaurès, librarian in Tarn, and Olivier Blum, garage owner in Metz, all await their nomination.")
Note: Apparently, his good byes and public confirmation of his good fortune (complete with F2 interview) forced Claude Guéant to announce the full list earlier than planned.
THis afternoon, Frédéric M apologized for the "early" announcement... but not to Sarkozy or guéant, to Christine Albanel, who had to stoically pretend she was still minister of Culture.