Monday, June 15, 2009

Lang on Valls

What's wrong with the Socialist Party, chapter 247:

Jack Lang complains that the PS has systematically "cut off the head" of anyone in its ranks who showed presidential ambitions, "including myself." Then, when asked about Manuel Valls' presidential ambitions, he proceeds to cut off his head:

C'est "un garçon qui a du talent" mais "le vrai sujet pour le moment c'est de redonner à ce parti une vigueur, une force, un souffle, un élan qu'il a perdus" et cela réclame "une véritable révolution intérieure", a-t-il dit.

Un garçon qui a du talent indeed. Imagine the outcry if Hillary Clinton had said of Barack Obama's presidential ambitions, "He's a talented boy."

Meanwhile, Valls is doing a pretty good job of cutting off his own head by making indiscreet comments while forgetting that he's wired for sound--a growing professional hazard among politicians these days. There are calls for the party to censure him.


Anonymous said...

Don't you remember the outcry during the campaign when Bill Clinton called Obama a boy and used racially-coded language when comparing him to Jesse Jackson after the South Carolina primary?

If anything, the Obama victory hopefully signals the end of the bad ole days of the Clinton era with all its pettiness and recourse to dirty politics.

Chris P.

Leo said...


of course you know that in this context "boy" and "garçon" have completely different connotations.

Unknown said...

Yes, I know that, but I still think that "garçon de talent" is not exactly a fulsome endorsement of a potential president.

James Conran said...

I don't recall Bill Clinton using the term "boy" with regard to Obama.

Unknown said...

art is likely quite right here, Lang as well.